University Honors Program

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Marketing & Communication Team


Camille Betz (she/her) - Communications Lead

Major/Year: Biological Sciences (Pre-Nursing), 4th year

Hometown: San Jose, CA


Angel Gaytan (he/his) - Marketing Lead

Major: Journalism, Public Relations Track, Graphic Communication Minor, 4th year (transfer)

Hometown: San Jose, CA



Amelia Bettencourt (she/her) 

Major: Agriculture Business; 1st year

Hometown: Turlock, CA


Annie Coe (she/her)

Major: Psychology major, sociology minor,  2nd year

Hometown: Seattle, WA


Dylan Davis (he/him)

Major: Business Administration major, Environmental studies minor, concentrating in Finance; 2nd year

Hometown: Ojai, CA



Ella Brooks (she/her) 

Major: Architecture; 1st year

Hometown: Prophetstown, Illinois



Kate Shenton (she/her) 

Major: Biochemistry; 1st year

Hometown: Palos Verdes, CA



Lizzy Velthoen (she/her) 

Major: IPolitical Science major with a Pre-Law concentration, Sociology and Women and Gender Studies Minor; 3rdd year

Hometown: Ventura, CA




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