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Co-Curricular Experiences

Honors students are expected to complete the following Co-Curricular Experiences prior to graduation (see Module 2.8 in the Student Handbook for details):

  • Leadership
  • Teaching/Mentoring

Below are the steps to take to complete each Co-Curricular experience. See the Weekly Update for new Co-Curricular Opportunities.

Steps for satisfying the Co-Curricular requirements:

  1. Once you know the experience you'd like to count for the particular Co-Curricular, obtain approval from the Honors program by submitting the Form: Co-Curricular Experience Proposal. There are separate forms for Leadership and Teaching/Mentoring. You can find the forms in Modules 4.2 & 4.3 of the Student Handbook. You do not need to complete both at the same time. REMEMBER! You must receive approval BEFORE you begin the experience. Retroactive approval for an experience will not be given.
  2. Once the experience is completed, enroll in HNRC 200. Enroll in any quarter after you complete the experience. If the experience is ongoing then enroll after you have participated in the experience long enough to be able to reflect on the experience.
  3. Enrollment in HNRC 200 is by permission only. When you are ready to enroll in HNRC 200 email to request the permission number. Section 02 is for Leadership and section 03 if for Teaching/Mentoring. HNRC 200 is a 0-unit, credit/no-credit course.  HNRC 200 is administered entirely online using an asynchronous instructional format.  There are no class meetings.  It involves approximately 2-4 hours total of work for the quarter.

Additional Information for Learning Assistants

IF you a Learning Assistant for a HNRS course you can count this as your Co-Curricular: Teaching/Mentoring. You can also receive 1-unit of elective credit by enrolling in HNRS 200-02. Email for a permission number to enroll in this course. IF you are a Learning Assistant/Teaching Assistant for a NON Honors course you can either count this as your Co-Curricuclar: Teaching/Mentoring OR receive 1-unit of elective credit. You can't do both! If you decide to select it for 1-unit credit complete the form in Module 4.6 


Student Spotlight

Honors Co-Curricular Leadership: Nikolas Tanski and Van Life Club

Tanski is a third year Mechanical Engineering major.

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