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The University Honors Program is an outlet for student success at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. We guide our students to opportunities they are passionate about that will equip them with skills and leadership experience applicable to their post-grad career. For example, we encourage students to seek out life-shaping experiences such as study abroad, research, or civic leadership in order to make the most of their time at Cal Poly.

In addition, Honors students have access to exclusive classes taught by faculty experts, mentorship, private Honors spaces and housing, and much more. Our staff will support you in your journey and work with you to ensure your success in the Honors Program. For any questions, view our FAQ's page or contact

What is Honors?

Program Benefits and Community

Student Spotlight

Honors Co-Curricular Leadership: Nikolas Tanski and Van Life Club

Tanski is a third year Mechanical Engineering major.

Honors Study Abroad Track: Camille Betz and Cal Poly in Europe Environment and Society

Betz is a third year Biological Sciences major.

Honors Research Track: Nanoha Kamiya, Christina Lewandowski, Hadas Tankel and COVID-19 Psychological Research

Kamiya is a fourth year psychology major. Lewandoski is a third year business major. Tankel is a third year psychology major. Their research has since been invited for presentation by two prestigious conferences. 

Honors Research Track: CSU Undergraduate Research Competition Winners Madeleine G. and Ethan G.

Goertz is a second year math major, and Gutterman is a third year history major.

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