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Students who entered the Honors Program as first time freshmen should use the 4-Year-Plan Checklist. ONLY for New Freshmen who entered Cal Poly this Fall 2021 use the 2021 Entering New Freshmen 4-Year-Plan. Note that majors that require 5-years to complete (e.g. ARCH, LARC) may complete the Honors requirements over 5 years.

Honors Requirements Checklist 4-Year Plan Freshmen (entering prior to 2020)

Honors Requirements Checklist 4-Year-Plan Freshmen (entering 2021 or later)


Students who entered the Honors Program as new transfers should use the 2-Year-Plan Checklist.

Honors Requirements Checklist New Transfers 2-Year Plan


Students who entered the Honors Program as continuing students (i.e. you were already at Cal Poly when accepted into the program) under the new Director, Dr. J, can use the 3-Year-Plan Checklist. If you came in prior to summer 2021 you may have worked out a slightly different curriculum with the previous director. That's fine. Follow the plan you planned.

Honors Requirements Checklist Continuing Students 3-Year Plan


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