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November 1, 2021

Do you want to be an Honors Learning Assistant?

We are seeking students who are interested in serving as a Learning Assistant for an Honors course in Winter 2022 quarter.  If you are interested please complete the Learning Assistant Interest Form by November 5th. Learning Assistant responsibilities will involve assisting a faculty instructor in a particular HNRS course. Responsibilities may include facilitating discussions, preparing course activities, and answering student questions. Learning Assistants will be required to attend the class at its scheduled time.

If you are selected as a candidate, we will be in touch with you about your availability to be a Learning Assistant for a specific course. At the moment we are sorting out which HNRS courses will need Learning Assistants in Winter. If you are selected you can count this as your Teaching/Mentoring Co-Curricular experience! 

Be an Honors Peer Advisor and get your Co-Curricular Teaching/Mentoring Experience Completed!!!

The Honors Program is seeking students to be Peer Advisors. This is a 1-quarter commitment involving ~2-3 hours per week. Responsibilities include being available in the Honors Commons for Drop-In advising hours 2 hours per week. In addition, Peer Advisors will work together to organize one workshop and one registration event during the quarter. To be a Peer Advisor you must have been in the Honors program for at least 1 year. If interested, complete the Honors Peer Advisor Application by November 5th. If you are selected you can count this as your Teaching/Mentoring Co-Curricular experience! 

LAST CHANCE! Tell us if you are you interested in being an Honors mentor or mentee BY NOVEMBER 5TH!

The Honors Program is considering launching a mentor/mentee program called "Find Your Pack" where first and second year students of similar majors will be grouped into "packs" led by older Honors students.

Please fill out the following Honors Mentorship Program Interest Form if you are interested in being a mentor or mentee! Due date November 5th!

*Mentors will have the opportunity to satisfy their Honors Co-Curricular Teaching/Mentorship requirement. The time commitment will be ~2 hours a week, similar to the time commitment of serving as a Learning Assistant for HNRS 100 or HNRS 161/162/163. 

If we find there is enough interest we will launch the program in Winter 22 quarter!

SAVE THE DATE! Cal Poly in Europe Summer 2022, Information Session!! Monday, November 8, 2021, 4 to 5 PM in the Honors Commons

NEW for summer 2022 is the study abroad program "Cal Poly in Europe - Environment and Society.  Co-led by Professors Tom Trice (HIST) and Gregg Fiegel (CE), this program features a transnational experiential learning adventure that encourages students to approach some important issues faced by individuals, groups, and entire societies, past and present.   At this information session, Professors Trice and Fiegel will be available to talk about the program and answer questions.  A representative from the International Center will on hand to discuss application procedures, eligibility, etc.  View full program details here.  

Register for an Honors Seminar (HNRS 299) this Winter22!!

Check out the 1-unit HNRS 299 seminars we will offer this Winter and Spring quarters. These seminars are designed to give Honors students a unique opportunity to learn about a topic from expert scholars. Seminars meet once per week for 50 minutes. They are taken for Credit/No Credit and can be used as an Honors elective. They are designed to be interesting and engaging and appropriate for any major. The  workload is appropriate for a 1-unit seminar (i.e., not a heavy workload!). It's a place to have great conversations with other honors students led by a super amazing faculty member (Many of the seminar instructors are Cal Poly Distinguished Teaching Award recipients!) Take advantage of this unique opportunity available only to Honor students! Enrollment is limited to be sure to register!

Consider HNRS 265 in Winter22!

HNRS 265 - Research and Information Skills for Honors Students. Click HERE to Learn More about this 2-unit Honors class! For more information about this course email Tess Loarie (, the Learning Assistant for the course. This is a great course to take to fulfil an Honors Elective requirement!

Are you planning to take HNRS 361 or 461 next quarter?

If you completed your Track experience (and already received approval by completing the Form in Module 4.4 of the Student Handbook) you can enroll in HNRS 361. If you have completed (or almost completed) your Senior Project in your major you can enroll in HNRS 461. Both of these courses are asynchronous. Enrollment is by permission only. Please email for a permission number.

Have you completed a Co-Curricular Experience?

To learn more about how to satisfy the Honors Co-Curricular Experience click on the Co-Curricular Experiences link under Current Students on our website.

RE: SLO Hacks!

Do you like free food? Prizes? Want to learn how to code? Then come to SLO Hacks’ first hackathon of the year, RE: SLO Hacks! This free event is open to all majors and experience levels. Beginners are welcome! Come enjoy free food, participate in coding workshops, make new friends, and build a project that could win prizes! Join them on Sunday, November 14, 2021 from 8am to 8pm on campus at the Advanced Technology Lab (Building 7). 

Sign up link: 

Save the Date! Student Panel on Honors Track Experiences!

Keep track of your Progress in Honors! Check out the new Checklists!

We have added a Current Students tab to the Honors website. Here you can find a link to the Canvas Student Handbook, the Tentative Course Offerings and more. You can also now find Honors Requirement Checklists. Download and keep track of your progress in the program!

Need help with registration?

Student Assistants are available to provide drop-in advising in the Honors Commons during the days and times listed below. You can also reach out to any of the Student Assistants directly to set up a zoom advising session. You can find the contact information for our Student Assistants AND Dr. J's Office hours on our Leadership Team page.

Student Assistant Peer Advising Drop-in Hours:

Tuesdays 2:00-4:00pm (Kayla)
Wednesdays 2:00-4:00pm (Claire)
Thursdays 2:00-4:00pm (Corrine)

Planning your schedule for the year?

Use the Tentative Course Offerings link to see what Honors courses will be offered this year.


Change the World Challenge. A transformative, multidisciplinary student design competition that addresses the world’s most pressing contemporary problems. Deadline to Apply November 5, 2021.

Baker-Koob Endowments to support hands-on, project-based learning opportunities for individual students and groups at Cal Poly. Due November 12th 2021 by 5pm.

Learn about the Donald A. Strauss Scholarship Foundation scholarship program


See Module 2.8 of the Student Handbook for more information about Honors required Co-curricular experiences. Please see the Co-Curricular Experiences link under the Current Students tab for the steps to take to fulfill this requirement. Below are new opportunities that you can consider for fulfilling these requirements.



Apply to be a Poly Rep!
Poly Reps are the Official University Ambassadors and campus tour guides for Cal Poly. If you Apply to be a Poly Rep and are selected you can count this as your Leadership Co-Curricular experience! Applications DUE NOVEMBER 8TH!
Apply to be on Sprinkle's Editorial Team!
The WGQS Department is looking for students to join the Editorial Team for this year's volume--number 15--of sprinkle: an undergraduate journal of feminist and queer studies is available at this linkSprinkle is a student-run, peer-reviewed journal of undergraduate scholarship and creative work in feminist and queer studies that we publish annually in the WGQS Department at Cal Poly; it typically generates submissions from across the US and around the world. Deadline to apply is November 1 @ 11:59pm. If you are selected you can count this as your Leadership Co-Curricular experience! 


See announcements for Peer Advising & Learning Assistants above!

Honors Program Information!

Phone: 805-756-7029
Honors Commons
Location:5th Floor Library (room 510).
Hours:  Monday 9am to 3pm; Tuesday - Friday: 9am to 4pm

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