University Honors Program

Live, Learn, Achieve

Jasna Jovanovic (she/her) - Director


Office: 35-510A, Phone: 67029

Professor, Psychology & Child Development

Mondays: F2F 10:30am to 12:00pm in my office, 

Tuesdays: Zoom office hour 1:00 to 2:00pm:




Kelly Bennion (she/her) - Associate Director


Office: 47-23A

Associate Professor, Psychology & Child Development

BEACoN Faculty Fellow, Office of University Diversity and Inclusion (OUDI)

Mondays: Zoom office hour 4:10-5 pm:

Jenni Duval (she/her) - Administrative Support Coordinator


Office: 35-510, Phone: (805) 756-7029


Corrine Nepaial (she/her) - Lead Student Assistant

Major/Year: Nutrition major, Applied Nutrition concentration; 4th Year

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Campus Involvement: President of Chi Delta Theta

Career Interest: Global Health

Fun Fact: Corinne loves matcha.


Shreya Hambir (she/her) - Website Designer

Major/Year: Graphic Communication major, UX/UI concentration, Computer Science minor; 4th Year

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Campus Involvement: Design officer for UX Fest SLO

Career Interest: UX Design, UX Writing 

Fun Fact: Shreya plays acoustic guitar & wants to learn how to play the electric guitar.


Kayla Itagaki (she/her) - Newsletter Editor

Major/Year: Graphic Communication major, UX/UI concentration; 3rd Year

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Campus Involvement: Nikkei Student Union, PolyCultural Weekend

Career Interest: Graphic Design, Printmaking

Fun Fact: Kayla's first concert was Weezer.


Christina Lewandowski (she/her) - Event Planner

Major/Year: Business Administration major, Marketing Management concentration, Religious Studies minor; 3rd Year

Hometown: Prescott, AZ

Campus Involvement: Women in Business Administration, OCOB Student Leadership

Career Interest: Brand and Product Marketing

Fun Fact: Christina’s favorite vacation spot is the Grand Canyon.



James Matlosz (she/her) -  Event Planner

Major/Year: Biomedical Engineering major, Bioinstrumentation concentration; 3rd year

Hometown: El Segundo, CA

Campus Involvement: Chi Omega, Best Buddies club, plans to join the Society of Women Engineers

Career Interest: Developing diagnostic machining that is more accessible for underprivileged communities, Engineers Without Borders

Fun Fact: James loves to surf and just be at the beach.


Claire Newman (she/her) - Communication & Marketing Lead

Major/Year: Business Administration major; 4th Year

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Campus Involvement: Music Appreciation Club, Garden Club

Career Interest: Marketing within the music or fashion industry

Fun Fact: Claire created a Dungeons and Dragons club.



Taylor Tran (she/her) - First Year Experience Lead 

Major/Year: Graphic Communication major, UX/UI concentration; 3rd Year

Hometown: Orange County, CA

Campus Involvement: Co-Vice President of Design Village, Designer for SLOHacks, Designer for Iter8

Career Interest: UX/UI Design

Fun Fact: Taylor trained in classical ballet for over 10 years before choosing to come to college.


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