University Honors Program

Live, Learn, Achieve

Jasna Jovanovic (she/her/hers) - Director


Office: 35-510A, Phone: 67029

Professor, Psychology & Child Development

In Person Office Hours: Thursdays 9-11am

Zoom Office Hours:

M 10-11:

W 11-12:

Kelly Bennion (she/her/hers) - Faculty Associate


Office: 47-23A

Associate Professor, Psychology & Child Development

BEACoN Faculty Fellow, Office of University Diversity and Inclusion (OUDI)

Zoom Office Hours:

M 11-12; T 2-3 :

Jenni Duval (she/her/hers) - Administrative Support Coordinator


Office: 35-510, Phone: (805) 756-7029

Shreya Hambir (she/her/hers) - Student Assistant

Major/Year: Graphic Communication major, UX/UI concentration, Computer Science minor; 3rd Year

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Campus Involvement: UX Fest

Career Interest: User Experience, Web Design

Favorite Place/Activity in SLO: Going to Terrace Hill

Fun Fact: Shreya loves movies and has written a screenplay.


Kayla Itagaki (she/her/hers) - Student Assistant

Major/Year: Graphic Communication; 2nd Year

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Campus Involvement: Nikkei Student Union, Mat Pica Pi

Career Interest: Digital Media Design

Favorite Place/Activity in SLO: Hiking, visiting the farmer's market

Fun Fact: Kayla has worked on four murals in her hometown.


Ashley Miller (she/her/hers) - Student Assistant

Major/Year: Political Science Major/Master of Public Policy Blended Program, Pre-Law concentration, Ethnic Studies minor; 4th Year

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Campus Involvement: President of Political Science Club, Peer Retention Advisor, Political Science Research Assistant 

Career Interest: Legal Professional

Favorite Place/Activity in SLO: Shell Beach, Flour House

Fun Fact: Ashley is learning German.


Corrine Nepaial (she/her/hers) - Student Assistant

Major/Year: Nutrition major, Applied Nutrition concentration; 3rd Year

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Campus Involvement: Chi Delta Theta

Career Interest: Public/Global Health

Favorite Place/Activity in SLO: Walking along the shore at Avila Beach

Fun Fact: Aside from living in San Luis Obispo to attend Cal Poly, Corinne has never lived in the United States.


Claire Newman (she/her/hers) - Student Assistant

Major/Year: Business major, Marketing Concentration, Law and Society Minor; 3rd Year

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Campus Involvement: Women in Business, Music Appreciation Club

Career Interest: Eco-entrepreneurship

Favorite Place/Activity in SLO: Skating the Bob Jones trail

Fun Fact: Claire created a Dungeons and Dragons club.


Ashley Pagsibigan (she/her/hers) -  Student Assistant

Major/Year: Business Administration; 2nd Year

Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA

Campus Involvement: Mustang Media Group, Multicultural Business Program, Women in Business

Career Interest: Marketing, Brand Management

Favorite Place/Activity in SLO: Ashley spent her first year at home but is excited to get to know her new home in the fall.

Fun Fact: Ashley is originally from the Philippines and immigrated here with her family when she was three.


Taylor Tran (she/her/hers) - Student Assistant

Major/Year: Graphic Communication; 2nd Year

Hometown: Placentia, CA

Campus Involvement: Honors Program

Career Interest: Graphic and User Experience Design

Favorite Place/Activity in SLO: Kin Coffee Bar, Architecture Graveyard

Fun Fact: Taylor is a classical ballet dancer and has been able to travel around the world to train, dance, and compete.


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