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Food Pantry Garden Team


Safiya Rafino (she/her) - Garden Manager

Major: Food Science, Biotech & Ethnic Studies minors, 2nd Year

Hometown: San Carlos, CA


Johaned Aguilar Maldonado (he/him) 

Major: Plant Science Major, Plant Protection Sciences Concentration, 1st Year

Hometown: Tulelake, CA



Jean Aquino (she/her) 

Major: Nutrition Science Major with Microbiology Minor; 3rd year



Safia Haq (she/her)

Major: Animal Science, Pre Vet,  2nd year

Hometown: Fresno, CA


Colin Howard (he/him)

Major: Mechanical Engineering; 1st year

Hometown: San Diego, California



Brooklyn McGruder (she/her) 

Major: Agricultural Communications; 1st year

Hometown: San Jacinto, CA




Gavin Wong (he/himr) 

Major: Environmental Management and Protection; 1st year

Hometown: Poway,CA


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