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Many students in the Honors Program take advantage of the study abroad programs that Cal Poly has to offer. There are dozens of available programs offering a wide range of cultural and academic opportunities. Students who study abroad develop an appreciation for diverse cultures while being immersed in a new community. Students also develop a new perspective upon their return to Cal Poly. The Honors Program encourages students to study abroad and offers opportunities to earn Honors credit for the experience.


Honors Study Abroad Track: Camille Betz and Cal Poly in Europe Environment and Society

Betz is a Biological Sciences major


Civic Leadership 

An important function of a public university is to facilitate the development of engaged citizens. Therefore, one of the hallmarks of the University Honors Program is the manner in which it emphasizes civic engagement, volunteer service, and leadership. Through partnerships with various campus organizations, the Honors Program promotes active student participation in service projects and community events. Students volunteer their time, share their knowledge and expertise, and develop important leadership skills while engaging in unique service-learning Honors courses, and co-curricular "theory-to-practice" experiences.


Students may earn Honors credit while working on research projects at Cal Poly.  Each quarter, faculty members from across campus advise individuals and groups of students working on a variety of sponsored research projects. Honors students have the opportunity to participate on interdisciplinary undergraduate research teams while addressing fundamental research problems, applied science, engineering projects, etc. In support of these experiences, students develop a research proposal, file regular project updates, and complete a final research report.  Shepherding a research project to completion, while serving a government, industry, or community sponsor, provides a fantastic experience for students preparing to enter the research industry or pursue graduate school.


Honors Research Track: Nanoha Kamiya, Christina Lewandowski, Hadas Tankel and COVID-19 Psychological Research

Kamiya is a psychology major. Lewandoski is a business major. Tankel is a psychology major. Their research has since been invited for presentation by two prestigious conferences. 

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