University Honors Program

Live, Learn, Achieve

As freshmen, students in the Honors Program have the opportunity to live together in an on-campus housing community that fosters and supports academic achievement. This community, or "Honors Housing", is currently located in the new residential community in yakʔitʸutʸu and housed in the nipumuʔ dorms.

The Honors Housing seeks to provide a living and learning environment that enhances a student's academic experience at Cal Poly.  The Honors Housing provides like-minded students with the opportunity to develop lasting friendships; someone is always available to lend a helping hand and offer support.  A constant hub of activity, the Honors Housing is a place where students can learn, relax, and have fun.  It offers a great way for students to transition into life at Cal Poly.


For more information and costs on University Housing and other available residence halls, please visit Cal Poly's Housing Web Site.

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