University Honors Program

Live, Learn, Achieve


Each year the University Honors Program recognizes individual students and faculty for their achievements and service to the Honors Program. Nominations for Honors Awards are solicited in March each year. Awards are presented to the recipients at a formal ceremony in May. The date and location of the ceremony are to be determined. Award categories are as follows:

   • Honors Program Outstanding Graduating Senior Award
   • Honors Program Outstanding Faculty Award


Outstanding Honors Student
James Sofranko Psychology Major 2015
Brooke Matson Communication Studies 2016
Jaime Savitz Nutrition 2016
Elliott Frey Materials Engineering 2017
Victoria "Tori" Laird Agricultural Business 2017
Alex Campbell Biological Sciences 2018
Jeanne Bay English 2018
Sarah Larkin Child Development 2019
Kathy Phi Business Administration 2019

Cody Capella

Art and Design, Graphic Design 2020
Amanda Morrison Agricultural Systems Management 2020
Outstanding Honors Faculty
Dr. D. Kenneth Brown Philosophy 2015
Dr. Dylan Q. Retsek Mathematics 2015
Dr. Tom R. Trice History 2016
Dr. Ryan C. Alaniz Social Sciences 2016
Dr. Laura Freberg Psychology & Child Development 2017
Dr. Josh Machamer Theatre & Dance 2017
Dr. Alpen Razi Ethnic Studies 2018
Sheree Twissleman Davis Communication Studies 2018
Dr. Elizabeth Lamoree Ethnic Studies 2019
Dr. James Scarborough Communication Studies 2019
Dr. Rachel Fernflores Philosophy 2020
Philip Valle Theatre & Dance 2020
Outstanding Leadership in Honors
Benjamin Christensen Natural Resources Management & Environmental Sciences 2018
Shannon Wesley Nutrition 2018
Madison Meredith Agricultural & Environmental Plant Sciences 2019
Rachel Cohen Microbiology 2019
Serena Enzerink English 2019
Manmit Chahal Ethnic Studies 2020
Annike Cummings Economics 2020
Ward Kirschbaum Biological Science 2020
Cal Poly Outstanding Student Employee Award
Brooke Matson (2nd) Communication Studies 2016
Colton Marino (Nominee) Political Science 2018
Sarah Larkin (Nominee) Child Development 2019
First Year Developing Leader Award
Gretchen Kerr Architecture 2020
Honors With Distinction (Graduates completing six or more HNRS General Education courses during their time in the Honors Program.)
Jacob Voss Biological Sciences 2019
Sonya Dick Mechanical Engineering 2019
Paige Hillen Mathematics 2019
Christian Johansen Computer Engineering 2019
Levi Stafford Philosophy & Physics 2019
Jackson Crane Aerospace Engineering 2019
Special Recognition For Service to the Honors Program
Erin Clark Kinesiology 2015
Alisha McGoldrick Business Administration 2015
Dr. Laura Freberg Psychology & Child Development 2016
Mehra Gharibian English & Ethnic Studies 2016
Garrett Goff Biomedical Engineering & Philosophy 2017
Samie Azad Philosophy 2018
Dana Bakke Nutrition 2018
Benjamin Christensen Natural Resources Management & Environmental Sciences 2018
Maya Fernandez Psychology 2018
Donald Loveland Physics 2018
Colton Marino Political Science 2018
Amanda Schafer Economics 2018
Tommy Sidebottom Architectural Engineering 2018
Kathleen Sones Graphic Communication 2018
Aditi Vepa Business Administration 2018
Hannah Davis Psychology 2019
Casey Everitt Graphic Communication 2019
Chandler Mang Industrial Engineering 2019
McKensie Hammons Biological Sciences 2019
Amber Miller Philosophy 2019
Laura Lodolo Biological Sciences 2019
Sami Roessler Nassif Business Administration 2019
Megan Sorensen Animal Science 2019
Shannon Wesley Nutrition 2019
Anders Bjork Mechanical Engineering 2020
Tess Loarie Industrial Engineering 2020


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