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May 16, 2022

Thank You!!

A big thank you to everyone who completed our Honors Student Feedback Survey! And congrats to our 4 raffle winners who each received a $50 gift card to the Campus Bookstore. I will be sharing an aggregate summary of what we learned from your feedback in a future Weekly Update so stay tuned.

Congratulations to our 2022 Honors Photo Contest Winners!

The winners in each of our 3 photo categories:

Nature, Zachary Weinfeld
People, Ben Sherman,
Cal Poly Pride, Tess Loarie
We will be featuring these amazing photographs in our Spring Honors Newsletter! Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo. There is so much talent among our Honors students!!




Cal Poly Pride

Congratulations to our AY 2022-23 Honors Leadership Team

Lead Student Assistant: Corrine Nepaial
Newsletter Editor: Kayla Itagaki
Communication & Marketing Lead: Claire Newman
Event Planners: James Matlosz and Christina Lewandowski
First Year Experience Lead: Taylor Tran
Web Queen: Shreya Hambir
In Fall we will be seeking volunteers to serve on committees to support our Leadership Team. Service on a committee can be used to satisfy the Co-Curricular: Leadership requirement. So stay tuned!

Last Chance to Nominate a Graduating Seniors for an Award!

The Honors Program is seeking nominations for 3 Awards to be presented at our Graduation Celebration on June 2nd. Please consider nominating your favorite faculty and 2 graduating seniors for the following awards. Descriptions are included in the nomination form links below. Nominations DUE THIS FRIDAY, MAY 20TH.


Planning your schedule for NEXT YEAR??

Class schedule for Fall 2022 is now open. Use the Tentative Course Offerings link to see what Honors courses will be offered next year. And be sure to check out the  Honors Seminars that will be offered in Fall!

Are you planning to take HNRS 361 and/or 461 next year?

Remember that next year we will only offer HNRS 361 & 461 each twice: 
HNRS 361 in FA22 & WN23
HNRS 461 in WN23 & SP23

Need a permission number?

Schedule Builder opened on 5/5 and priority registration starts 5/19. If you have completed a Co-curricular or Track experience and are ready to take HNRC 200-02, HNRC 200-03 and/or HNRS 361 email for permission numbers.

Save the Date! Fall 22 Registration Party!

Winter Progress Reports Are Now Available!

You can now find your Winter Progress Report in the OneDrive folder we shared with you in Fall titled, "Honors Progress Reports." If you go to your OneDrive and click on Shared, you will find your folder. Here you will find your Fall & Winter progress reports. You should also have access to your Curriculum sheet which we update as you complete your requirements. If you feel there is a discrepancy you can email or stop by Dr. J's Office Hours.

Remember! For those of you who are not on a 4-year curriculum checklist, you will not have a progress report because your requirements are different. Use instead your Curriculum sheet to see your progress.

Want to learn more about the Honors Track Experience?

Check out the Track Experience link on the Honors website under Current Students. Here you can find information on what is the Track and how to satisfy this Honors requirement.

Campus Events You Don't Want to Miss!


First Year Check In Sign Ups!

Attention first year Honors Students!! Remember to sign up for a Check In sometime this quarter.  Before meeting with the peer advisor fill out the 4-Year Check List. Sign up for a 10 minute slot with a Peer Advisor on the Google Form

Do you need Peer Advising?

Do find out when and where to see one of our peer advisors, check out the Peer Advising link.


See Module 2.8 of the Student Handbook for more information about Honors required Co-curricular experiences. Please see the Co-Curricular Experiences link under the Current Students tab for the steps to take to fulfill this requirement. We will post new opportunities that you can consider for fulfilling these requirements as they come up.



How to submit an announcement for the Weekly Update!

If you have an event that you want to share with our Honors Community, please complete the form (see link below). Announcements received by Sunday 11:59pm will be included in the Weekly Update posted on Monday.

Honors Program Information!

Phone: 805-756-7029
Honors Commons
Location:5th Floor Library (room 510).
Hours:  Monday 9am to 4pm; Tuesday - Friday: 9am to 4pm

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