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Study Abroad Testimonials

Jessica Uibel

Liberal Arts and Engineering

Rome, Fall 2013

"The four months I spent in Rome, Italy brought "Learn by Doing" to an entirely new level. I experienced cultures I had previously only read about or seen in movies, and more importantly, understood the difficulties of adapting to a new culture. But after that adaptaion period was over, I had four of the best months of my life. Italy was an amazing, beautiful country (with fantastic food!), and I can't wait to return!"

Ashlee Ellsworth

Business Administration

Copenhagen, Fall 2013

"Studying abroad changed my life in so many ways! I had the chance to meet amazing people from all over the world, try foods I had only seen on travel websites, and experience different cultures so incredibly different from those that I was used to. It was a long journey from the sunny shores of California to the cold cobblestone streets of Copenhagen, but I wouldn't trade the opportunity and the memories for anything."

Kelsy Koenig

London, Summer 2013

"This summer I had the wonderful opportunity not only to see more, but also a wider variety of landmarks, museums, natural beauty, and local lore than I ever could have imagined, or that I could have seen on my own. From touring churches and old hospital sites and learning on their old uses and ghost legends, to exploring the cultural conglomeration that is Brick Lane and having a delicious, authentic Indian meal, I could harldy believe I was technically in class. Studying abroad widened my scope in more ways than I could imagine. It was enriching, invigorating, and truly independent of anything I have ever experienced. Additionally, going with Cal Poly students not only made me feel instantly secure in another country, but also gave me a wonderful network back at Cal Poly when we returned. I would study abroad with Cal Poly again in a heartbeat!"

Michael Friedman

Mechanical Engineering
Spain, Summer 2013

"Studying abroad forced me to adapt to new environments and situations, molding me into a more capable independent individual. Also, it enhanced my overall college experience, immersing me in the fascinating Catalan culture and allowing me to finally put my Spanish to use.  I had an exciting opportunity, which took my learning to the next level."

Munir Eltal

Biomedical Engineering

Chile, Summer 2013

"Studying abroad allowed me to immerse myself in a language and culture much different than my own. I had the opportunity to put into practice all the language classes I'd been taking at school, as well as gain a global experience that just can't be taught in the classroom."


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