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Honors Research Credit:

Students may earn Honors credit while working on research projects at Cal Poly.  Each quarter, faculty members from across campus advise individuals and groups of students working on a variety of sponsored research projects.  In the past, Honors students have had the opportunity to participate on interdisciplinary undergraduate research teams while addressing fundamental research problems as well as applied science and engineering projects.  In support of these experiences, students develop a research proposal, file regular project updates, and complete a final research report.  Shepherding a research project to completion, while serving a government, industry, or community sponsor, provides a fantastic experience for students preparing to enter practice or graduate school.

Student Perspectives:

"Participating in an Honors research project allowed me to study fields outside my major. My project was on improving sanitation in rural villages in India, so I had the opportunity to become more familiar with the customs, culture, economics, and resource availability in India. There were so many areas in dire need of improvement, and through my research, I actively explored potential solutions. My dream is that someday some of the programs suggested in my paper will be implemented. Honors research gave me an experience that I couldn't have gotten through my own department- interdisciplenary research. It really opened my eyes to what life is like on the other side of the world- in fact, to this day, I can't stop talking about it!"

-Jaime Savitz


"What was great about the Honors research program was that it let us take initiative and pursue a common interest (in our case, creating a low-cost prosthetic leg). Even though I didn't know any of my team members before the project, I grew to know them and learned so much from them in the short amount of time we worked together. Having it be such a self-directed program really exemplified how creative and dedicated Cal Poly students can be."

-Kelly Young


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Recent Research Projects:

  • Moonlight Chicks - Assisting a Local Egg Farm with Business Plan Development
  • School Gardens and Sustainability
  • Design of Low-Cost Prosthetics
  • Human Cost of Cheap Coal
  • Molecular Effects of Resveratrol
  • The Effects of Air Pollution on Hospital Admissions for Cardiopulmonary Illness in San Luis Obispo County
  • Characterization of deVries Liquid Crystals
  • Grading Script Development and Testing
  • Using Technology to Encourage Walking to School
  • Recoiling Supermassive Black Holes
  • Pyrosequencing as a Potential Tool for Genomic Testing
  • Sanitation in India
  • Mate Choice and Morphological Differences Between Two Morphs of the Fish Species Girardinus Metallicus
  • Improvement of the Scheffler Solar Concentrator
  • Internet-Based Postpartum Weight Loss Program








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