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Internship Testimonials

Carolin Fan

Child Development, San Luis Obispo Probation Department

"Through this internship, I gained insight into what it takes to work in an occupation field like probation, and my interest was sparked regarding pursuit of similar law-enforcement related employment, a career pathway I had severely limited knowledge of previously. As Cal Poly and the Honors Program both stress the importance of learning by doing, it is hands on experiences like this internship that make the education we gain from this institution so valuable and applicable to our everyday interpersonal interactions."

Conor Camplisson

Biochemistry, Dublin City University

"Last summer I completed an inderdisciplinary internship at Dublin City University in Ireland working on research and development of microfluidic "Lab-on-a-Chip" devices. This was a great opportunity to strengthen my research skills and expand the scope of my lab experience, which will be instrumental for both research at Cal Poly and eventually for a biochemistry Ph.D. program. I firmly believe that experiences like these are the best way to prepare for graduate school or industry and I am very glad the University Honors Program encourages students to participate by offering Honors credit for them."

David Larsen

Business Administration, Ernst & Young

"The Ernst & Young experience was fantastic overall! I felt very prepared for the internship from Cal Poly projects and I exceeded their expectations. I was offered a full-time job when I graduate...Cal Poly is one of the top ten priority schools that the firm recruits from in California. The overall experience was fantastic and gave me a lot of confidence for my senior year."

Kristen Schryver

Business Administration- Marketing Management, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

"As the Executive Administrative Assistant Intern, I worked in the Executive department to support Ken West, CFO, Dan Taitz, CAO, and Martha Stewart. I was also able to help in the preparation of numerous events throughout the summer, which allowed me to see the more creative side of the company and to work with several other departments. By the end of my 11-week internship, I had met great friends, tried amazing food from the test kitchens, and learned that I want to pursue a career in publishing. As I prepare to graduate from Cal Poly in March, I find myself looking back on my experience at MSLO and finding several important lessons that I learned there, which are valuable not only in my classes and the Honors program now, but also in my future career. "

Ethan Lockwood

Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies, A Place to Grow

"I sought an internship with A Place to Grow, a custom greenhouse and retreat company that uses architectural salvage, recycled fence panels, and urban forestry redwood, as I was drawn to the small business entrepreneurship the company demonstrated. I enjoyed the aesthetic their designs demonstrated, and I was interested in the sustainable design and reuse of materials, but my primary interest was a visceral desire to work and create with my hands. As a Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies student I have sought out a diverse education, and A Place to Grow offered me the change to learn and develop my own manual skills. Fully understanding and appreciating construction in all its details is something that I firmly believe can only be truly learned through hands on experience."

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